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Capsule / Pod Coffee and Espresso Makers

Pod coffee brewers are designed to be the ultimate in ease and convenience when making a cup of coffee or espresso. Also called capsule brewing, there is no grinding or measuring. Just slip the coffee capsule (pod) into the machine, add water and press start.

Pod coffee makers brew just one cup at a time; the ultimate single serving machine. You can select from a variety of prepackaged, ready to brew coffee and espresso varieties. Each manufacturer may have there own capsule design and so they are not universal. You must select capsules that are designed to work in your coffee maker.

Pros: Convenient and quick, no grinding or measuring, easy clean up, no filters, ideal for single servings.

Cons: More expensive per cup, limited selection of coffees, not all capsules fit all machines, capsules may not be available at nearby retailers, not as good as fresh ground coffee, cannot brew a pot of coffee at a time.

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