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Home Security & Safety

Home Security isn't just alarm systems, it includes all elements to keep your family and your possessions safe. Home security includes things like the locks on your doors and windows, smoke detection, personal safes, as well as burglar alarms, motion detectors and video surveillance.

Home security runs from passive deterrence, active deterrence, detection and surveillance. Passive deterrence includes efforts to discourage an intruder such as adding lighting and clearing bushes and obstructions that can shield intruders from view. Active deterrence includes locks, dead bolts, alarm bells and sirens. Detection includes entry sensors, glass breakage sensors, smoke and carbon monoxide detectors and motion and thermal detectors. Surveillance includes video monitoring and recording systems.

Whether you choose a home security system made up from off the shelf products or have a professional system installed and subscribe to 24 hour monitoring, there are some points to consider. Will you install and maintain your own security system, hire a monitoring firm to install and monitor the equipment or hire a professional for a one-time installation fee and skip the monitoring service?

Home Security Guides

Assessing Home Security Needs

Selecting a Security Monitoring Company

Installing a Home Security System

Home Security Equipment
Major Alarm Monitoring Companies
Door & Window Sensors
Security Lighting
Smoke Sensors
Carbon Monoxide sensors
Control Panels
Video recorders
Security Wiring
Glass Breakage Sensors
Passive Infra-Red (Heat) Sensors
Photo-Electric Sensors
Sound Sensors
All-In-One Systems
Remote Monitoring
Fire Alarm Systems
Burglar Alarms
Locks & Anti-Intrusion
Broadview Security

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