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Household Electrical Repairs

Learn the basics about your home electrical system. Find information about electrical repairs and testing. Troubleshoot switches, outlets and fixtures. We provide the electrical background everyone should know, like how to reset a circuit breaker, replace a fuse or reset a GFCI outlet.

How an Electrical System Works

The National Electric Code

How To Reset a Circuit Breaker

Power is Out but Circuit Breaker isn't Tripped

Wire Gauge (AWG)

Electrical Testing & Repair Instructions

Reset Circuit Breaker Check Replace
Arc Fault Circuit - AFCI CPSC Info  
Continuity Test Check  
Cord Damage Check  
Dimmer Switch Install
Fuse Box Check Replace
GFCI Outlet GFCI Info Reset GFCI
Test a GFCI Outlet Test GFCI  
Electrical Ground How it Works Test
Multitester Use How To  
Outlet FAQ's Replace
Outlet Voltage Test Measure
Power Cord, 240v 3 or 4-wire   Replace
Romex What is Romex?
Switch How It Works Replace
Switch - 3 way How It Works Replace
Resistance Test Measure  
Wire Connectors   Replace

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