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Built-In Models of Coffee & Espresso Brewing Equipment

Not that long ago, a built-in coffee or espresso machine didn't exist for the home. Now there are many manufacturers and models from which to choose. Whether you plan to select an espresso maker that mirrors the style of your other kitchen appliances or you have something in mind from the historical espresso machine manufacturers, the options are unprecedented.

Built-In Coffee Maker

Built-in espresso makers mount in the wall or cabinet much like a wall oven. The in wall installation frees up counter space as well as creating a sleek integrated look.

Nearly all models can be plumbed with a water line to eliminate the inconvenience of refilling the reservoir tank. We recommend first running the water supply through a water filtration system, even if the coffee maker also sports a water filter. Replacing specialty water filters can become problematic if they aren't widely available, not to mention the likely higher cost. Your kitchen water filtration system is also likely to do a better job filtering water than any coffee maker's water filter.

In-wall brewing systems may include integrated grinders and programmability making them fully automatic. Some models also have milk reservoirs for automated steaming or frothing of milk. However, no model offers milk storage longer than half a day or so. Like other fully automated systems, the burden of cleaning still falls upon you. Failure to thoroughly clean all of the brewer's systems can result in poor flavor or even failure to operate.

Built-in models are almost exclusively high-end with prices in the thousands of dollars. There is little data to suggest the likely lifespan of these devices. An alternative to investing in a built-in unit, while still achieving the cache of a cafe center is to build an in-wall or in-cabinet nook. The nook can be outfitted with power and water along with a huge selection of attractive but lower priced models of coffee and espresso makers.

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