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Coffee & Espresso Brewing Equipment with a Plumbing Option

A coffee or espresso machine that has been plumbed in means never having to refill the water tank before you brew. It is a nice convenience, especially if you are choosing a unit that is otherwise fully automatic.

Built-In Coffee Maker

Having a coffee maker with a water line directly connected into it means that you can add a pound of beans every week or so and do little else to be ready to brew a cup of coffee.

Another advantage to having a water line going directly to the coffee machine is that you can install an in-line water filter to get the best tasting water for brewing. In-line water filters tend to last longer between changes than a filter in the appliance itself. The in-line filter also tends to be more universal than the specialty filter for the machine and so is more widely available and potentially much less expensive.

The selection of models with the plumbing connection feature is fairly small. The feature tends to be found on the very high end or professional equipment. However, there a couple lower cost models available, such as the Keurig B3000SE. If your preferred manufacturer doesn't offer a plumbed model, check if they have a professional line; those tend to offer a models with a plumbing connection.

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