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Lighting for the Kitchen

Proper lighting for a kitchen is critical. Gone are the days when a single bulb fixture in the middle of the kitchen ceiling was standard. A kitchen has unique requirements that if left unaddressed will result in a workspace that is less effective, enjoyable and attractive.

In planning the lighting for any room, experts tell us about the need to use general illumination, task lighting and accent lighting. These principles are true for a kitchen too, only they are much more important.

The first element of lighting for a kitchen is general lighting. This has, in the past, been achieved with a large fluorescent fixture in the ceiling. While this can still work, there are more elegant ways to get even better results.

The second element in lighting a kitchen is the task lighting. This typically includes the lighting on the countertops, whether from the ceiling or under the upper cabinets. Other lighting includes lighting over a sink, island or other workspace. There are a surprising number of things to consider when choosing task lighting, which we cover in the articles listed below.

Finally, accent lighting can be a part of the general illumination, such as hanging an attractive fixture over an island or it can just lend some warmth to the room like with rope light mounted in the toe kick of the cabinets.

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