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How To Guides for the Flowers and Plants

Watering a Yard & Garden

Learn about proper watering techniques for your yard, lawn and garden. Read about water conservation and in-ground sprinkler systems.

Product Reviews

Get our ratings and recommendations of products for the patio, yard and garden.

Mulching a Lawn or Garden

Learn about mulching techniques for your flower beds, garden and lawn.

Pest & Rodent Control

Insects and critters can be a problem around any home. Learn about safe and humane ways to deal with bugs and rodents.

How To Care for a Lawn

Learn about how to care for a lawn including watering, fertilizing, mowing and more.

How To Deer-Proof a Yard

Deer may be beautiful and majestic, but these bucolic brutes can treat a garden like an all you can eat buffet. Learn which techniques work and which do not for keeping away deer.

How To Care for Plants & Flowers

Learn about how to care for flowers and plants including how to water, fertilize, prune and more.

Get Rid of Snails & Slugs

They may be a delicacy for some, but for most, they are a nuisance. Learn about environmentally friendly methods for controlling snails and slugs.

Disease & Pest Finder

Use this disease and pest finder to help determine what is damaging your lawn and garden.

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