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Range Hoods & Ventilation

When choosing a range hood for a kitchen, most people focus on the looks but don't give much thought to anything else about it. Building codes on venting a stove vary widely. You will have to check with your local municipal authority for the codes that may apply to your project. Some communities require vent, some require venting to the outdoors. Some codes specify the air handling capacity and some, the width of the hood in relation to the stove. Work with your designer or builder to make sure you understand the requirements before purchasing your kitchen range hood. Aside from complying with building code, you also will want to choose a unit that does the job well. Your range hood should capture all smoke and steam and effectively filter odors.

The options for range hoods have grown enormously in the past couple decades. Years ago, there were only a couple range hoods to choose from, generally a white one or the popular kitchen color of the particular decade (remember Harvest Gold and Avocado Green?). Currently, companies are designing sculptural hoods as a decor item for kitchens. The myriad shapes and finishes give us more choice than ever before. But those aren't the only option, you can build one to suit your own tastes.

Range hoods can be built custom on-site or you can select from cabinet components to blend one into your kitchen cabinetry. All custom built range hoods use a special insert that contains the mechanical components. The insert does the work while the custom hood provides the distinctive look of your choice.

Range Hoods come in variety of forms and styles. Most of the major manufacturers offer all of the most common styles. Although, we found some styles to be offered by only one or two companies. For instance, copper or other metals are currently offered only by Broan and Vent-a-Hood. Slide-out, hidden hoods are offered by GE. Broan and Whirlpool were the only found to offer hoods made with glass. There are also many smaller companies and artisans that offer range hoods; they tend to focus on the high-end market. Prices can range from as low as $35 for a basic under-cabinet model, into the thousands for a elaborate designer model. For most kitchens, a range hood will run anywhere from $300 to $1,800.

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