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Extend the Living Area of Your Home - Outdoors

Outdoor Living has been popular for a long time, but never before with such an emphasis on being comfortable. Enjoying your yard in comfort and privacy has never been so refined. Making the outdoors feel like a family room can extend your home, without the cost of major renovation. Comfortable, attractive furniture, complete chef's kitchens, fireplaces & heaters, outdoor draperies & rugs, even outdoor refrigerators and televisions are available to help you create the ideal outdoor space.

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We can help you to design, decorate and create the ideal outdoor room. No longer does a picnic bench or a few folding patio chairs have to be all there is for relaxing outdoors. We'll tell you about products, guide you in planning and show you how to make the ultimate outdoor living experience a reality.

Furniture, kitchens, barbecues, entertainment, decor, ponds, fountains, decks—we cover it all. Plus we can help you directly, just visit our reader forum and send us your questions, dilemnas, comments or tell us about how your project turned out. back to you with answers you can use.

If you are looking for guidance on maintaining your lawn, garden, plants and trees, visit our garden section for practical tips to keeping it green and a whol lot more.

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