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How To Repair Drywall Holes, Cracks, Gouges and More

Repairing and patching drywall is pretty easy to do. The most challenging part is getting a good finish so that you can't see where the drywall repair was made. The procedure to patch drywall holes, cracks, gouges and other damage varies by the type of damage and the size of the affected area. Essentially there are two types of drywall repairs; repairs involving installation of a new piece of drywall to make a patch and repairs that mend the surface of existing drywall, like with cracks and gouges. For very large repairs the steps may be the same as hanging new drywall, in which case you might want to read our article on hanging drywall.

To learn how to patch drywall, locate below the type of drywall damage you need to repair and read the steps for that type of drywall repair.

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