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Glossary of Home Theater Terminology

Glossary of Audio, Video and Home Theater Terms

There is a very large vocabulary of technical and descriptive terms that go with home theater. We've included the terms that you are most likely to encounter. If you are very technically involved you may find some of the more technical terms omitted from our list.

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F-Connector  - A screw-on connector type used with coaxial cable.

Fiber-Optic Cable - A cable containing a glass fiber for the transmission of light impulses. The light impulses carry a signal which is nearly impervious to interference and resistant to signal loss.

FireWire - aka IEEE 1384. A high speed connection technology associated with computing and with digital video cameras. Some high-end components are beginning to come to market with a FireWire jack.

Fixed-Pixel Display - Digital televisions that have a set number of pixels. Any non-CRT based display is a fix pixel display, including LCD, DLP, LCoS & plasma. Using LCD as an example most LCD flat panels have a pixel array of 1280 x 768.

Flat-Panel TV - Video display with a thin profile, around 4 inches; typically a plasma or LCD display.

Flat-Screen Picture Tube - A direct view CRT television screen that is free of the prominent curvature common in older TVs.

FM - Frequency Modulation. The method of encoding a signal into a carrier wave by modulating the frequency of the waves.

FPS - Frames per second. The number of individual still pictures (frames) that are viewed or processed in one second. Film runs at 24fps, while video, runs at 30fps.

Front Projection - A television projector that projects the image onto a separate screen or wall. Front projectors may use CRT, LCD or DLP technology.

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