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Glossary of Home Theater Terminology

Glossary of Audio, Video and Home Theater Terms

There is a very large vocabulary of technical and descriptive terms that go with home theater. We've included the terms that you are most likely to encounter. If you are very technically involved you may find some of the more technical terms omitted from our list.

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Edge Enhancement - Technology used to increase the sharpness of images on screen. With modern, high resolution TVs, edge enhancement can actually decrease picture quality.

EDTV - Enhanced Definition Television. A display capable of displaying 480 lines progressively (480p). If presented with a higher resolution signal (an HD signal), the signal will be downconverted to fit the native resolution of the EDTV. DVDs output 480p (when connected with component cables or better) a perfect match for EDTVs. For more information, see our article on TV technologies.

EPG - Electronic program guide. A feature found on most DVRs, cable and satellite set-top boxes. It provides an on-screen listing of available programming by channel and time.

Error Correction  - When data or a signal is transmitted, pieces can become lost or damaged. Error correction technology replaces these pieces by guessing, estimating or calculating what was lost.

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