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Cabinet Panel Refrigerators - Many free-standing and most built-in refrigerators offer an option to allow the installation of panels to match your cabinetry. The feature is sometimes refered to as "integrated", "custom", "cabinet panel" "panel kit" or a "trim kit". The name the manufacturers use may vary, but the concept is that the refrigerator has no decorative front panel. Instead it has channels around the edge of the door or another mounting system that allows custom made panels to be installed. The panels provide the decorative front and make the appliance look like the surrounding cabinetry.

The panels must be custom made to fit the refrigerator. When you order your cabinets, you order panels from the cabinet manufacturer for all of your cabinet front appliances. Your cabinet installer will install the panels on the appliances. Instead of matching panels you could install anything you like as long as it can be made to work with the mounting system. You could use patterned laminate designed for countertops, cork or even wallpaper applied to a thin sheet of plywood. An added benefit of selecting a refrigerator with a trim kit is that if at some time in the future, you get tired of your refrigerator's look, you can change it fairly easily.

The trim kit option is usually found on mid-price and more expensive appliances. The option is usually the same price as other color options and cheaper than stainless steel. Cabinet depth refrigerators are more likely to offer this option. Unfortunately, none of the manufacturers websites make it easy to hunt for appliances with this feature. Fortunately, we have waded through all the sales literature for you and done our best to find all the manufacturers who offer custom panel refrigerators.

Special note: it is very important to carefully plan the surrounding cabinet and countertop to allow for the swing of the doors. Specifications vary from by manufacturer and model, but always read the installation planning guide to make sure the refrigerator you select will fit in the intended location. Additionally, if you will be installing cabinet panels on your refrigerator to match the surrounding cabinetry, make sure to allow for any added thickness of the panels when calculating the door swing. There must be enough room for the door, with the attached panel to swing open to the specified number of degrees. Failure to properly plan can result in problems like drawers not being accessible if the door cannot open fully.

The manufacturer list below reflects those manufacturers know to offer refrigerators that accept cabinet panels at the time of writing or recent update.

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