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Top-Freezer Style Refrigerator

Top-Freezer Refrigerator

Freezer on Top Refrigerators - This style has been around since the beginning of modern refrigeration. It accounts for the majority of all refrigerator sales, owing to its ubiquitous availability and that it is the lowest cost full-size refrigerator. This standard will remain so for the foreseeable future, even though it lacks some popular features.

The main advantage of the freezer on top model is its price. In all sizes, this model is consistently the lowest price at the entry level. Some models add features and styling that increase the price, but head-to-head, matched for capacity and features, it will nearly always be the least expensive alternative. Another advantage is they tend to be less tall than other models, making them a better fit in some situations.

Disadvantages include the freezer being at eye level means that you have to stoop to access the much more frequently used refrigerator. The freezer compartment often has one or no shelf, making organization nearly impossible. The door is wide and can interfere with kitchen traffic. This model tends to lack features found on higher end models including the ice and water through the door.

The manufacturer list below reflects those companies known to produce freezer on top style refrigerators at the time of writing or recent update.

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Refrigerators by Manufacturer Refrigerators by Type Major Retailers

Amana $529 - $1,049
Frigidaire $429 - $1,049
General Electric $609 - $2,199
Haier $549 - $799
Kenmore $388 - $1,487
KitchenAid $899 - $1,199
Maytag $849 - $1,059
Whirlpool $529 - $1,249
Counter depth $1,379 - $4,239
Built-in $5,719 - $13,489
Side-by-side $999 - $4,239
Freezer on top $388 - $2,199
Freezer on bottom $807 - $3,080
French door $1,099 - $8,199
Cabinet panel refrigerator $2,349 - $13,489
Refrigerated Drawers $2,099 - $3,399
Compact fridge $89 - $324
Beverage center $159 - $2,059
Wine storage $349 - $6,995
Outdoor fridge
Professional Style $1,399 - $13,489
Commercial $1,099 - $16,999

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*All prices are MSRP

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