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How To Get the Best Price on Appliances

Getting a good deal on your home appliances can result in huge savings. Knowing how to get the best deal is key. The thing is to have a good idea of what you want. Have in mind the features you need or want, any special details like size limitations of where the appliance will be installed, the finish or appearance you want and then it helps to have a budget in mind. If you don't know what you want, then find a retailer with a large selection of merchandise on the floor. On your first visit, don't plan on buying anything; just go to look and get an idea of what you like.

Shopping for appliances can be frustrating because it is often difficult to compare one retailer to another. Retailers may not give you the product number or they will use an internal ID to make it difficult to compare the price with other retailers. There are cases where a product model may be identical in two retailer's stores, but the manufacturer has agreed to assign a different model number for each retailer. This makes it difficult to compare prices.

Don't worry about model numbers, compare prices based on the features of the appliance. If two retailers offer you an appliance from the same manufacturer but with different model numbers, as long as the appliances match on the features, including appearance details, compare those appliances for price. It is, however, important to compare the same appliance brand; some brands are more reliable than others and may have other considerations that affect their price. There are cases where an identical appliance is sold under two different brand names, however these can be more difficult to identify and compare.

Another frustration is that a lot of merchandise is not on the floor and you have to ask whether they offer the product and then have to ask for a price quote. Sales strategies differ amongst retailers, but if a retailer is resistant to giving you prices, or wants to write up the order and give you the prices only then, there is a fair chance they aren't price competitive. They don't want to give you a price so you can walk out and compare it to other retailers. If a retailer is not cooperative in giving you price details, find another retailer.

Some retailers offer sale prices on some appliances while marking up the rest of the merchandise. Don't be afraid to buy only the bargains and get better prices on the rest of your appliances elsewhere.

Many retailers will negotiate the price, and most have the ability to at least match their most recent sale price. When buying appliances, don't be afraid to negotiate. You may not get a lower price, but it is always worth a try. If you are buying several appliances, ask for a contractors discount or ask for their last sale price. As a final deal, ask for free delivery.

Manufacturers sometimes offer incentives, check their websites for rebates or package deals.

Club stores like Costco and Sam's Club often offer the best price available on appliances, however, they typically have a very limited selection. Although, check their websites too, as they sometimes offer additional selection on their website. Ikea is another place where some great prices can be found, though like the club stores, the selection is limited. If you can find the appliances you like at a club store, odds are good that the prices will be very competitive.

You will likely be offered an extended warranty, see our article discussing whether an extended warranty is right for you.

Finally, if you have old appliances to get rid of, ask the retailer to take them away. Even if you have to pay a disposal fee, it is likely as cheap or cheaper than if you do it yourself or hire anyone else to do it.

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