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How to Check the Door Hinges

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Start with the door closed and locate any screws on the front that must be removed. Usually there are one or two screws near the latch; do not remove the latch itself unless necessary. Now open the door and remove the screws near the top. In the photo below, the screws labeled "B" secure the control panel on some dishwashers. Start with the "B" screws and attempt to remove the control panel. Check for screws along the top of the door as well.

Now remove the remaining screws along both edges of the door (labeled "A" above). There may be several screws near the bottom of the door that secure the door to the door hinge mechanism, it should not be necessary to remove these screws. Carefully lift the panel off from the door. The panel may have wires connected, so check before lifting the panel out too far. If the panel does not lift out, check for other screws.

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