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Compact Dishwashers

Compact Dishwashers are smaller versions of the standard built-in dishwasher. A standard dishwasher is 24" wide, while a compact model is usually 18" wide. There are other small dishwasher models, typically countertop and portable models. A compact dishwasher is generally a built-in model. The list of manufacturers below reflects those who offer a compact 18" dishwasher.

A compact dishwasher is great for small kitchens, bars and as a back-up to a main full-sized dishwasher. They are a good alternative where an 18" cabinet wouldn't be useful or where extra dishwashing capacity is needed. If your kitchen is small, an alternative to a compact dishwasher is a portable model; click below for more information.

For a list of manufacturers who offer compact dishwashers, see below.

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Compact Dishwashers by Manufacturer
Dishwashers by Type Major Retailers


General Electric

Haier (Tabletop only)





Home Depot


Sam's Club


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