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Regardless of the project, you will use tools in its undertaking. Many projects will require nothing more than the basic tools found in nearly every toolbox, while some projects will require specialty tools. It is our firm belief that having the right tool for the job is critical to one's safety and to the success of a project.

To learn about different tools and their uses, take a look at our section entitled "All About Tools". For tips on how to get your money's worth and selecting quality tools, read "Selecting Tools".

We regularly review tools and post the results here for you to read. Come back often to get the latest news and reviews. Check out our latest review below or take a look at our library of tool reviews. To give your opinion and to read the opinions of others on tools they have used, visit our reader forums.

Featured Tool Review:
Bosch 5412L Dual-Bevel Slide Miter Saw

Bosch 5412L Miter Saw

There is so much to like about this saw. Being true and accurate right out of the box is a great way to start. Upon setting this saw up, we immediately checked it for accuracy on bevels and miters and found it dead-on. Plus, considering the beef that goes into tuning this beast, I think it will stay accurate for a long, long time.

The machine has a 12" blade giving you the largest cutting capacity you are going to find on a miter saw. Plus the slide feature gives you extra capacity for wide boards. According to the manufacturer's specs, you can cross cut a 4" by 12" or cut a 4" by 8" on a 45 degree miter with a little capacity to spare.... [Read More]

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