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Faucet Repair Overview

Overview of How To Repair a Faucet

There are four major designs of faucets; compression, ceramic disk, cartridge and ball. Faucets in your kitchen, bathroom, tub or shower are all substantially the same and are based upon the four major designs.

Typically problems with faucets involve leaks from the spout or handles, loose knobs, low pressure, irregular spray patterns or a problem with the drain stopper. Each of these of relatively easy to fix. Refer to our diagnostic page to help you find the article to repair the problem with your faucet.

Compression faucets are the most common design. They have two handles (unless it is a hot only or cold only faucet, like a hose bib outside). Each handle turns like a screw and it moves either up or down as it turns. The handle's stem goes into the faucet and on the end of it is a washer. That washer seals out the water until the valve is opened. When the washer fails or the valve seat becomes rough, water leaks from the spout.

disk, cartridge and ball faucets most often are mixing faucets with one handle, although disk and cartridge designs can have two handles. Holes or channels in the disk, cartridge or ball align with the water supply and faucet to allow water to flow. Their alignment also determines the proportion of hot and cold water. These faucet types typically last longer than compression faucets. However, in some cases, they may be unrepairable when a problem does occur.

Most faucet repairs can be made with just pliers or a screwdriver. There are some specialized tools for faucets but most of these tools can be purchased fairly inexpensively.

Refer to our diagnostic page to help you find the article to repair the problem with your faucet.

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