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Faucet Troubleshooting Guide

Symptom Check
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Faucet leaks from the handle

Compression style faucet

  • Tighten the packing nut
  • Replace the "O" ring or packing

The faucet drips from the spout

Compression style faucet

All other faucets

  • Replace the cartridge or disk
The water pressure is too low
  • Make sure the water supply valves under the sink are turned on all the way
  • Clean or replace the aerator
  • Check plumbing system for water pressure problems.
The spout sprays water all over
  • Clean or replace the aerator
  • Replace the aerator washer
Water is leaking from the faucet under the sink
  • Check the water supply connections to the faucet
  • Inspect the water supply lines or hoses for leaks
The drain stopper won't open or won't close
  • Check that the lift rod is connected to the pop-up lever rod.
  • Check that the pop-up lever rod is engaged with the drain pop-up.
Faucet is noisy when I turn it on
  • The valve may require new washer
  • The water pressure from the supply line may be too high or too low
Faucet is noisy when I turn it off
  • It may be water hammer, which can be dealt with by installing an air chamber
  • If you have air chambers, then turn off the water supply, drain the system then turn on the water again
Handle is loose
  • Remove the cap and tighten the screw
  • Locate and tighten the hex set screw
  • Remove the handle and check for stripped teeth on the stem.

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