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How To Set-up a Basic Home Theater

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Choosing a Television

Most experts agree that the television is the most important component in a home theater. It is also likely to be the most expensive, have the longest life span and be the least upgradeable component. Furthermore, the television picture is the most noticeable part of your HT. For these reasons you should choose a television that will be suitable for the long term. Select a TV that you can be happy with for the next ten or more years.

Most experts and home theater owners agree that you are better off spending the largest part of your budget, or even your entire budget, to get the best TV you can. However, what is best is up to you. It doesn't necessarily mean the biggest screen, the latest technology or the highest rated brand name. It is a combination of factors which focus, for most people, on the best looking picture on the largest screen. Most would agree that a better picture is more important than a bigger picture.

For more detailed information on televisions and how to choose one, see our article on Different Types of TV.

Choosing a Sound System

Most televisions are equipped with speakers, but they don't provide much in terms of a theater experience. Some TVs are marketed with elaborate audio features, which for most HT enthusiasts, don't count for much. The optimal home theater experience requires multiple speakers, separated by enough distance to create an ambient effect. A TV just really can't do this.

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