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How To Set-up a Basic Home Theater

What is a Home Theater?

A Home Theater (HT) can range from simple to elaborate, but it all simply comes down to a TV, a sound system and a source. Setting up a home theater is all about creating an environment to maximize your enjoyment of movies and television. It isn't just about spending money to buy the biggest and best, because most of us have to live with a budget. A home theater means choosing the most suitable equipment that our budget allows, and setting it up to achieve optimal results. Achieving optimal results includes the arrangement and connection of equipment, choice of furniture and seating for comfortable viewing.

What Do I Need for a Home Theater?

The basic elements of a home theater are a TV, a sound system (more than just the speakers on the TV) and the source of entertainment; such as a DVD, video tape or a simple off-the-air television signal. How you go about putting together an HT depends upon what you are starting with. If you already have some HT equipment, then start with the weakest link or what needs to be replaced first. If you are starting from scratch, then start with the TV. If you are building on your TV, improve your speakers. Surround speakers, sound bar, and subwoofer can transform your home theater.

Most of us have to work within a budget. If your budget requires you skimp on all the parts, then you might reconsider your purchase. Instead of compromising on everything, use your entire budget for one piece of the system. Start with a good foundation and build from there as your budget allows. For instance, if you have a decent television then maybe you could invest in a good sound system to make TV viewing more exciting. If you already have all the parts to an HT, then focus on improving the weakest element.

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