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How To Move a Refrigerator

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If you have to lay the fridge over, try to avoid laying it completely flat. Instead tip it to an angle by placing a box under the top of the fridge; this will help to keep the oil in the compressor. Also, there are several lines connected to the compressor. The cooling and discharge lines should be oriented to face up. You must keep the oil out of these lines. Laying the refrigerator over with the tubes facing up will minimize the risk of fouling the lines.

When you have the refrigerator in place at its destination, leave it upright for a few hours before plugging it in. This will give the oil an opportunity to flow back into the compressor. After plugging it in, it is not unusual for the fridge to take up to 72 hours to return to its low temperatures, especially if the fridge is empty.

If after all your effort the refrigerator won't cool, your refrigerator may be in its defrost cycle, so be patient, about 6 hours, for the cycle to complete. Otherwise, there may be oil in the lines. In that case, you will need professional repair.

Moving Tips:

  • Don't try to move a fridge with it's contents. Empty the refrigerator first. The contents adds a lot of weight, it will shift around during moving and will make it more prone to tip over.

  • Tape the doors closed.

  • Wrap the fridge in a protective cloth to avoid damaging the appliance and to reduce the risk of damage to the walls in your home.

  • Use a dolly or hand truck to move a refrigerator.

  • Don't put straps over door handles to avoid damaging them.

  • Don't overtighten straps or the door may become warped or be pulled out of alignment.

  • Always have adequate assistance when moving a refrigerator, it is very heavy.

  • Follow all appropriate safety precautions.

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