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How To Protect Your Garden From Deer

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The most effective deterrent for deer is a dog. While a dog serves as both a noisemaker and a moving object, it also presents a threat to deer. Because of the threat a dog poses, it will be an effective deterrent. However, if the dog is fenced off from the deer or kept on a short tether, the deer may soon disregard the dog as well. If the dog cannot be given run of the grounds, then a long tether that gives the dog some room to run about may be adequate. Also some dogs are more effective than others. Research is in progress to determine which dogs are most effective. Generally speaking, an energetic dog that barks only when necessary of medium to large size is ideal. A dog that barks incessantly is likely to be less effective.

How To Make Your Garden Unappealing to Deer

Making a garden objectionable to deer is achieved primarily by treating the garden with various mixes that make the vegetation taste bad or smell bad. Hot pepper, sulphur and eggs are all common ingredients to mixes that are sprayed onto the plants or around the garden to keep deer from dining on your plants.

There are a variety of formulas and products. Some are specific for various regions and species of deer. If you want to use this method of deer control, we recommend you survey neighbors, local agencies or universities for recommendations on what works.

Many people report that bars of soap, particularly "Irish Spring" are very effective at keeping away deer. Reports include leaving it in the box and hanging it up where deer eat or cutting it into slivers and placing in on the ground around the plants. Because deer fear humans, human hair placed into a cloth bag and hung in the garden has been shown to be effective for some.

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