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How To Protect Your Garden From Deer

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How To Choose Deer Proof Plants

Unfortunately, no plant is truly deer proof. If food is scarce deer will eat whatever they can find. However, that being said, there are many plants that deer won't eat if other food sources are available. By creating your garden from these choices you will minimize the affect deer have on your garden. The following lists include numerous plants, but your local nursery or agricultural agency may be able to suggest additional choices that are suitable for where you live.


Ageratum Dianthus Petunia
Alyssum Forget-me-not Periwinkles
Angelonias Foxglove Poppy
Begonias Geraniums Salvia
Calendula Globe Amaranth Snapdragons
Celosia Heliotrope Stock
Centaurea Larkspur Sweet Basil
Cleome Lobelia Verbena
Cosmos Marigold Zinnias
Dahlia Morning Glory Indigo Spires
Datura Nasturtium Mealy Cup Sage
Dusty Miller Parsley  


Ageratum Dicentra Mallow.Hibiscus
Alliums Digitalis Marguerite
Amaryllis Dusty Miller Mealy Cup Sage
Echinops Mexican Bush Sage
Anemone Epimedium
Mexican Hat
Angel Trumpet Eupatorium Mexican Honeysuckle
Artemesias Indigo Spires Salvia Mexican Mint Marigold
Aruncus Euphorbias Mexican Oregano
Astilbe Ferns Mints
Autumn Sage Goldmoss Sedum Monardas
Baptisia Gray Santolina Monkshood
Bearded Iris Green Santolina Oenothera
Blue Plumbago Gypsophila Ornamental Grasses
Boltonia Hellebores Oxeye Daisy
Bouncing Bet Honeysuckle Peony
Buddelia Hummingbird Bush Perovskia
Campanula Iris Germanica Polmonium
Candytuft Jerusalem Sage Prickly Pear Cactus
Catmint Lamium Rock Rose
Clematis Lantana Rosemary
Convallaria Lavender Soapwort
Copper Canyon Daisy Lavender Cotton Split Leaf Philodendron
Coral bells Leadwort Texas Betony
Coreopsis Linum Wedelia
Cranesbills Dianthus Lupine Wisteria

Trees & Shrubs:

Agarita Hawthorne Primrose.Jasmine
Barberry Heaths and Heathers Rhododendron
Bayberry Japanese Boxwood Sassafras
Boxleaf Euonymus Japanese Maple Scotts Pine
Boxwood Japanese Yew Silverberry
Bush Germander Lilac Smoke Bush
Chamaecyparis Mt. Laurel Sotol
Clethra Magnolia Spirea
Cotoneaster Mugo Spruce
Daphne Nandina Texas Mountain Laurel
Evergreen Sumac Oleander Texas Sage
Paper Birch Upright Rosemary
Elderberry Pineapple Guava Yaupon Holly
Esperanza Pomegranate Yucca


Borage Germander Sweet Woodruff
Chives Lavender Tansy
Chili Pepper Mints Thyme
Comfrey Rosemary Valarian
Echinacea Rue Wintergreen
Eucalyptus St. John's Wort Wormwood
Garlic Sage Yarrow
Garlic Chives Santolina  

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