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How to Replace a Dryer Power Cord

How To Replace a 3 Wire Power Cord with a 4 Wire Power Cord:
Rewire 3 prong plug with a 4 prong plug

You may be moving to another apartment or into a new home and bringing along a large 240-volt electrical appliance, such as a clothes dryer. When you get to your new abode and go to plug in the dryer you may find that you can’t—your dryer’s plug does not match the new dryer receptacle. No, you’re not in a new country but you have encountered a new safety measure designed to make your dryer a bit safer.

Caution: Please read our safety information before attempting any testing, maintenance or repairs. Unplug the dryer before beginning any repair.

The new power line has 4 wires and a plug with 4 prongs —the additional wire is used to ground the appliance and to prevent dangerous and potentially deadly electrical shocks. To get your dryer up and running, you’ll have to buy a new 4 wire power cord and attach it. Never downgrade the outlet to a 3 prong outlet, that is not safe and not up to NEC code.

In order to perform this job you’ll need a screwdriver. A small drill and a metal screw and washer may also be required.

The power cord will be attached to the terminal block, usually located in the back of the dryer. First remove the metal access plate exposing the terminal block. The power cord will have a middle neutral/ground wire and two outer hot wires. Detach all wires and remove the old cord.

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