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How To Install a Garbage Disposal

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Step 2: Replace the Flange (continued)

Slip the upper mounting assembly over the flange. While holding the assembly in place, install the snap ring by prying it into the indentation in the neck of the flange.

Tip: Place a few rubber bands around the neck of the flange to hold the assembly in place. This will free up both hands for installing the snap ring. Remove the rubber bands after the snap ring is on.

Step 3: Install the Mounting Assembly

With the snap ring in place you can begin tightening the assembly. Turn each of the screws in turn to create balanced pressure on the flange. DO NOT fully tighten each screw before going to the next screw. As you tighten the assembly, the putty will be squeezed out around the flange in the sink and under the sink. If putty is not squeezed out all the way around the flange in the sink, there may not have been enough putty at that point and may result in a future leak.

Step 4: Knock out the Dishwasher Plug

Note: If you are not connecting a dishwasher drain line to the disposal, then skip this step.

The disposal has two connections, one for the main drain line and another one for the incoming dishwasher drain hose. Because not all installations include a dishwasher connection, there is a plug in the disposal to prevent water from leaking out the dishwasher connection when no dishwasher is connected. Therefore, this plug must be removed before connecting the dishwasher drain hose.

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