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How To Get Rid of Skunk Odor

How To Remove Skunk Smell

When a skunk sprays, it sprays a strong smelling fluid from a gland below their tail. It is used as a defense mechanism to drive away threats. The fluid is sticky and stays where sprayed and can last for several days. It isn't very easy to remove the spray, instead you must neutralize the chemicals in the spray.

Using tomato juice to get rid of skunk is just a myth. While it does have a small neutralizing affect, smelling like skunk and tomato juice is the real result.

Our recipe for skunk odor removal is very effective and is made from common household ingredients. Mix up a batch and wash with it and it will begin neutralizing the spray immediately. Our recipe is effective at neutralizing skunk odor and can be used on people, pets, tires or any object that has been sprayed by a skunk. Because the mix contains hydrogen peroxide it can cause skin, eye and mucous membrane irritation. Also, peroxide can cause damage and fading to clothing, carpet, paint etc. Test the mixture on an inconspicuous portion of the material to check for damage before general use. Thorough rinsing with water will minimize any fading or damage.

Mix together:

One quart 3% hydrogen peroxide*

¼ cup baking soda

one teaspoon liquid dish soap

* white vinegar can be substituted, but it is not as effective

If washing a pet, keep the solution out of their ears and avoid their eyes and mouth. Wash thoroughly with the solution then rinse thoroughly. Repeat if necessary. Use the solution immediately after preparation. Do not store unused solution.

Removing skunk spray is most effective during the first few hours after spraying.

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