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How To Get Rid of Fleas

How To Control Fleas

The common flea usually enters your home on an animal. Dogs and cats are the most common source of fleas, they pick them up outside and bring them into your home. Also, wild animals nesting in or around your home are another source. Treatment is typically a two-prong approach: 1) eliminate fleas on your pet and 2) treat your home for fleas.

Flea bites affect people differently. Children generally are more sensitive to bites and some people develop serious allergic reactions. The flea's food source is blood; because of this, fleas can also be disease carriers.

Fortunately, this is not an actual size flea

How To Detect Fleas

Fleas are most active in the warm seasons, especially summer. Fleas spend most of their time on your pets. While they may end up in your carpet and bedding, they seek warmth and a food source and so are likely to jump back onto your pet or onto you.

Fleas are small, about the size of two pin heads. They are dark in color, nearly black. Flea eggs and larvae are smaller and white. Fleas excrete dried blood which the larvae consume. Inspect your pet for fleas, eggs, larvae or excreta.

You can also check for fleas around animal bedding areas or anywhere you suspect an infestation by placing a sheet of white paper on the ground. When fleas jump onto the paper they are easy to see. You can also wear white socks to walk in suspected infestation areas; the fleas are easy to see against the white background.

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