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Learn the Basics of Making a Web page

How Basic? Not Even Design 101, We'll Start at 01

What is the Process for Making a Web Page? Simple:

  1. You write a page
  2. You need someone to host it to make it available on the Internet
  3. You copy it to your host's web server
  4. You are done. Anyone on the Internet can see it, if they know where to look.

Writing your First Web Page

You can write a Web page in the notepad that comes with Windows, you can use Microsoft Word, you can use a publishing tool that some Internet Service Providers (ISPs) offer, you can download a free Web page creation tool or you can buy Web page design software.

Try this:

  1. Run Notepad from your Start, Programs, Accessories menu.
  2. Type everything between the quotes
    Hi Everybody
  3. Click on Save
    • choose the directory where you want to save the file
    • use the filename firstpage.html
    • change the file type box from .txt to All files
    • click Save
  4. Now click on "My Computer", locate the file you just saved and double-click it.
  5. Viola, the words "Hi Everybody" will show up in your web browser, just like any other Web page.

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