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How To Diagnose and Troubleshoot Modem Problems


I don't get a dial tone

  • Take the phone cord out of the back of the PC and plug it into a phone to make certain that dial tone is available through the wire.

  • Make certain you have plugged the phone cord into the line plug and not the phone plug on the modem.

  • Use the wizard to create a new dial-up connection and configure it to dial your cell phone or other phone line to determine it you can make it ring.

Windows says there is a problem with the modem

  • If newly installed, try uninstalling and reinstalling the device.

  • Once installed correctly, this error is unusual and may mean the device is faulty and needs to be replaced.

  • Some modems must be installed in a very precise order as dictated by the manufacturer. Be certain to closely follow the installation instructions. Consult the manufacturer's web site for a copy of the instructions or for an updated driver.

The modem won't hang up

  • Check if you have other programs running that are trying to use the modem at the same time.

The modem makes a lot of weird noises and hisses

  • Sometimes called the "Modem mating call",modems make a whistling sound as they attempt to connectto another device. Once it connects, it makes a hissingsound. The sounds are normal, however, they can be turnedoff. Go to the Control Panel and select Modems, Properties,Connections and look for a check box to turn off the sound.

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