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How To Fix a Message Stuck in the Out Box

How To Fix Stuck Email

Occasionally an email that youhave sent will become stuck in your out box in your email program. No matter what you try, it just won't go. Other messages will go, but one just sits there and is never sent.

Here are two easy solutions that should resolve it. They won't stop it from happening, but they will get the message out and sent to its destination.

First, click and drag the message from the "Outbox" to the "Draft" box, or if you don't have a draft box, to the "In" box. If you moved to the Draft box, you can now click on "Send" again and this time it should go out. If it doesn't, double check that you are sending it out under a valid email account (assuming that you have set up more than one e-mail account at all). If you moved it to the In box, then click on "Reply". It may add some new text to the top of the message, such as your signature or note indicating what is old text versus new. Just erase anything at the topthat was added and send the message again.

Another alternative is to open the outbound message and copy all the text (Press "Control" and "A" together, then press "Control" and "C", to select then copy all the text) then start a new email message and paste the text ("Control" and "V" together). Now address themessage and send it. You can now delete the old, stuck email.

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