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How To Configure Windows 98 for a Network

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  1. Select the IP Address tab. If your network is using a router set to serve DHCP, then select Obtain an IP address Automatically, otherwise Select Specify an IP address. For the first PC use the address and a subnet mask of For each subsequent PC increase the last number of the IP address by 1 (e.g. the subnet mask must be identical for each PC on your LAN.

    Note about IP Addressing:
    An IP address is like phone number, every PC has to have a unique one otherwise it would be impossible to route data to the correct PC. On a private network in your home each PC must have a unique IP address, but they don't have to be unique from the rest of the world. Only the IP addresses in your local network must be unique.

    Your Internet provider provides you with a unique IP address, to make your connection the net unique. In that way traffic can be routed to your home and then within your home your router can direct the traffic to the correct PC.

    Certain addresses have been set aside for private networks. One of those address ranges is By adding 1 to the address you can sequentially number each PC in your home with a unique address eg;, etc.

  2. Click OK, click OK again. Restart the PC.
  3. Click Start, Settings, Control Panel, and then double-click the Network icon.
  4. Select the Network Identification tab.
  5. Enter a name for this PC. Each PC must also have a unique name. Furthermore, when a network has a Windows 98 PC connected, it may be unable to see any PCs whose names are greater the 8 characters.
  6. Enter a workgroup name. All of the PCs in a local area network should have the same workgroup name.
  7. The description field is optional. Click OK and restart the PC.

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