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Refrigerator Schematic

What is a Schematic?

The electrical wiring, the motors, heaters, switches, controls and anything else in the electrical or electronic operation of an appliance are included in the schematic diagram. This diagram indicates information about the path of wires and what they connect to. Usually it will include information about voltage, resistance and other relevant information about the components used in the system. This schematic is helpful to a technician when diagnosing a problem or making a repair.

Where Can I Find the Schematic for my Appliance?

Each appliance is different and technicians don't have all the appliances memorized. So manufacturers usually place a schematic of the appliance's wiring somewhere on the appliance itself. It may be a loose paper schematic, it may be glued onto the cabinet, it may be printed onto the cabinet or it maybe stamped or etched into the metal or plastic.

The schematic is really there for the technician and not the consumer. It won't necessarily be easy to find. Expect it to be someplace safe, where it won't get wet, burned by a hot motor, worn by some moving part or nibbled by mice. It is often necessary to open the main part of the cabinet to access it.

For a refrigerator, some common locations are pasted onto the outside back of the fridge, folded up and placed inside an envelope behind the toe kick in front or pasted onto the inside of a protective panel on the bottom rear of the fridge. These are not the only places, so don't give up if you don't find it there.

If you can't find the schematic on the fridge, you might be able to get one from the manufacturer. However, don't be surprised if they won't send you a copy. The manufacturer doesn't really want to encourage you to repair your own appliance, they want an authorized technician to make any needed repairs. There also websites that sell schematics, try doing a search using your brand of appliance's name, type of appliance, model number and the word schematic, together in your search query.

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