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How To Inspect the Supply Line

The supply line runs from the water source, often under the kitchen sink or a valve plumbed in behind the freezer, to the water inlet valve behind the appliance. Another line runs from the inlet valve to the ice maker. If the supply is pinched or damaged, it may reduce or restrict water flow to the ice maker resulting in small cubes or no ice at all. Water outside of the freezer can be a result of a leak in the supply line.

Caution: Please read our safety information before attempting any testing or repairs.

Before disconnecting the water line, unplug the refrigerator to avoid an electrical shock hazard.

Find the water supply line behind your freezer, it is usually either copper or plastic and it connects to the water inlet valve. Starting at the inlet valve, follow the tubing to the water source and inspect it for kinks or pinches that may constrict the flow of water or may be a source of a leak.

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