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How to Inspect the Fill Cup

The water supply line from the water inlet valve enters the rear of the freezer and releases the water into a large diameter fill tube. The fill tubes hangs above the fill cup which funnels the water into the ice mold. If the fill tube and fill cup are improperly aligned, water may spill out instead of going into the mold.

Caution: Please read our safety information before attempting any testing or repairs.

Remove the ice bin and inspect the fill cup's alignment beneath the fill tube and adjust as necessary. It may help to be able to watch the water filling process. To do this, turn the icemaker off, wait three hours for the current batch to freeze and then turn the icemaker back on. It may take several minutes for the process to begin.

If while inspecting the fill cup you notice that water is forming icicles on the fill tube spout, the water inlet valve may be leaking. Refer to that article for more information.

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