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Product Review: Malibu Low-Voltage Floodlight

Malibu Lighting Low-Voltage Floodlight(CL-507)

Low voltage lighting in a yard is a great way to dress it up at night. There are several benefits to adding nighttime lighting to a yard. Coming home to a well lit yard makes the home feel more warm and inviting. It provides useful lighting as you make your way safely to the door and it provides a valuable security element. Another big benefit is that it makes the outdoors inviting for evening outdoor activities.

Malibu Light

Malibu Lighting makes a wide variety of outdoor lighting fixtures. They offer high-profile fixtures for prominent positions and are decorative elements in themselves. Malibu manufactures deck lights, floodlights, pathway lights, under-water lights, and specialty lights to fill all the roles of outdoor landscape lighting.

We selected one particular fixture, a low-voltage floodlight, in order to assess its quality, construction, ease of use and light output. This 20-watt lamp does not use a lot of energy but it does a nice job of lighting nearby objects.

This fixture is typically used as an up light near the base of a tree, arbor, wall or other object to be highlighted. The reflected light adds gentle illumination to the surrounding area.

The CL-507 is a very simple fixture. Out the box, all that is required to ready it for use is to fasten the ground spike to the lamp housing, set the desired angle and tightening the thumbscrew. The lamp was pre-installed in this model although some models require installation. Installing the bulb is simple, remove the protective lens and slip the bulb's pins into the the lamp holder and replace the protective lens. One note, the bulb is sensitive to skin oil and dirt, thus it should be handled with a clean, soft cloth.

The lamp housing is cast metal, yet lightweight. It feels sturdy and seems likely to withstand long-term exposure to the elements. The finish covered every part of the housing and will serve to further protect it from the elements.

Connecting the fixture to a low voltage system is simple. The electrical connection consists of two plastic interlocking pieces. The two sections are placed on either side of the low-voltage power wire and snapped into place. The snapping together drives a small metal spike through the wire's insulator and makes an electrical connection. It is very easy to connect, requires no special consideration (other than choosing the proper size power supply for the total wattage of all lamps used in your landscape) and takes only seconds to complete.

The CL-507 sells for about $10. A few of these lamps around the yard will add an inviting warmth. The ease of use, quality of construction and light output all scored high with us and so we can recommend this landscape light to our readers.

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