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ACME How To's Library of How To and Repair Guides

Learn how to fix appliances, repair electrical problems, resolve plumbing problems, set up home theater equipment, get gardening tips, repair a PC, fix doors and windows and much, much more. Learn how from our free repair guides and do it yourself.

In this Do-It-Yourselfer's guide we provide articles and information to show you how to plan and complete home improvement projects as well as diagnose and repair the things you use in and around your home. Our library contains information on appliances, electrical, plumbing, door & windows, gardening, home theater, heating and cooling systems and much more. Check back regularly as we are always adding new information.

Major Appliance Repair Guides

Appliance Repair

Learn how to diagnose, repair or replace major appliances in your home.

Electrical Repair Guides

Electrical Repair

Learn about your home's electrical system and how to make basic repairs.

Cleaning Library

Cleaning Stains & Grime

Learn how to get those tough stains out with techniques that really work.

Plumbing Repair Guides

Plumbing Repair

Learn about your home's plumbing system, how to make repairs and replace fixtures.

Lawn & Garden Planting & Maintenance Guides

Garden Care

Read about lawn and garden planting and maintenance.

PC Repair Guides

PC Repair

Learn about how a PC works and how to diagnose, repair or upgrade a personal computer. Plus check out our resources for dealing with viruses and malicious software.

Home Theater How To Guides

Home Theater Basics

Learn about equipment choices, get explanations and definitions, learn how to set up a home theater and more.

Pest & Rodent Control Guides

Pest Control

Insects and critters can be a problem around any home. Learn about safe and humane ways to deal with bugs and rodents.

Home Maintenance Section

Home Maintenance

Help with general maintenance tasks for the typical home.

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