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March Maintenance Calendar


Its nearly springtime and time to turn your thoughts toward your lawn and garden. As it warms up your your garden really comes alive. This is the perfect time to tend to things like cutting back ornamental grasses and dead leaves & blooms on perennials. Make room for spring new growth by dividing crowded perennials. Now is a the time to fertilize just about everything for spring growth. Enjoy!

Seasonal Tasks - Click below for more info
Check toilets for leaks
Drain the sediment out of the water heater
Treat your lawn for crabgrass if it is warming up where you live. We mentioned this last month too, but it is the absolute best time of year to deal with this problem. Wait too long, and little can be done until next year.
Check your water softener and add salt if needed.
Adjust irrigation sprinklers to avoid waste - Reduce over spray and direct water only where it is needed.
Regular Monthly Tasks
(carbon monoxide alarms too)

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Safety Check Kid's Play Area

As the weather warms up, kid's will be going back outside to play. If you have a play structure or playground equipment, give it an inspection for safety. Make sure there are no exposed sharp edges, protective coverings are in place, inspect for rust and check that all moving parts are secure and operating properly.

This should be a very hands on inspection because kids are very hands on. Run your hands over surfaces to check for splinters or burrs in metal. Check swing seats and chains for damage. Just give everything a thorough once over before letting the kids start using equipment that has been sitting unused all winter.

Time to Replace Mulch

Mulch serves several purposes including keeping plants warm over the winter. However, soggy winter mulch can harbor disease that may harm your plants. It can also become compacted or some may have been blown away.

Removing old mulch and replacing it with new is task that can be completed in an hour or two.

Raking new mulch into your garden will revive the look of your flower beds and is important for moisture retention as the weather warms up.

This list is provided for your convenience, it is not a comprehensive list of every maintenance item your home may require.
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