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February Maintenance Calendar


Over half the country is experiencing one of the coldest winters in memory, and we salute you with our heavy parka clad arm. We have some indoor tasks for you. For the outdoor chores, maybe they can wait til next month. To the rest of you, no excuses about the weather, time to get busy.

Seasonal Tasks - Click below for more info
Clean out dryer vent duct
Clean the refrigerator coils
Clean the range hood vent screen

Treat your lawn for crabgrass if it is warming up where you live.

Inspect for roof leaks
Trim branches away from the home
Make a video inventory of your home for insurance purposes.
Make sure downspout splash blocks are directing water away from your foundation
Regular Monthly Tasks
(carbon monoxide alarms too)

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Emergency Roof Leak Steps

If your roof is leaking or you know it will during the next storm, read about the steps you can take to stem the flow of water. Read more...

Make a Video Inventory of Your Home

We all hope that we will never need to file an insurance claim. However, in the event of a loss, a video inventory of your possessions and features of your home can be invaluable in substantiating your claim with your insurer.

We recommend using a fresh tape, turn on every light in your home, open drapes, open all doors and cabinets and start filming.

Start at the front door, walk slowly into your home and slowly scan the room. Walk up to possessions and take close-ups shots to show brand names, model numbers and serial numbers whenever possible.

It is better to make this tape too long than too short. Show everything, china, knick-knacks, suits, dresses, jewelry, coin collections, art. If your home has upgraded features such as special moulding, granite counters, high-end faucets, get it all on record.

Don't forget to film the outside of your home too and the contents of your garage, shed and other outbuildings.

Because the worst-case scenario is a total loss of your home, it is wise to store this video record away from your home. A safe deposit box is ideal, although the back of desk drawer at work or at a trusted family member's home will work too.

This list is provided for your convenience, it is not a comprehensive list of every maintenance item your home may require.
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