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January Maintenance Calendar


Happy New Year! We are well into winter now and because of the weather, outdoor tasks are a little more difficult to complete. This is a great time to focus on indoor maintenance.

Inspect heating ducts
Replace furnace filter
Inspect and clean heating registers
Check for drafts
Install a water heater insulation blanket
Test your home for water leaks
Make certain the vents in your attic and under your home are unblocked and allow free flow of air
Check the charge indicator on your fire extinguishers
Regular Monthly Tasks
(carbon monoxide alarms too)

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Another Way to Improve Comfort and Save Money

Even if you have proper weatherstripping around windows and doors, there are many ways for drafts to steal energy from your home. Cold weather can make this a little easier to do, especially if it is a breezy or windy day.

The electrical outlets and switches around your home require an opening in the wall. those openings can let in drafts. We'll explain how to locate problem spots and the easy fix to seal out drafts and save on energy costs.

Improving the Energy Efficeincy of your Existing Windows

While replacing windows can save you money in the long run, it is a big project that can cost a lot up front. An alternative is to improve the efficeincy of your existing windows.

Here are three articles that will help you reduce heating and cooling costs, with minimal up front expense.

Caulk and weatherstrip windows and trim.

Add window coverings that reduce heat transfer.

Install storm windows to increase the insulation R-value of each window.

This list is provided for your convenience, it is not a comprehensive list of every maintenance item your home may require.
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