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How To Replace a Toilet

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Next, insert the flush handle through the opening near the top of the tank. Fasten the washer and nut and attach the handle. Install the linkage from the handle to the flapper. The linkage should be long enough to allow the flapper to seal tightly but short enough to lift it up 90 degrees to the drain opening.

After completing the entire toilet installation, you should come back and adjust the float on the fill valve to set the proper water level in the tank. Otherwise, water may be wasted, the toilet may run continuously or insufficient water may be used to thoroughly flush the bowl.

Place the supplied washers over the tank bolts and insert the bolts through the holes in the tank. Some installations have a second washer and nut on the outside of the tank to seal the tank. Lift the tank and align it over the connections in the bowl. Lower the tank gently onto the bowl. place the washers and nuts onto the tank bolts under the bowl and hand tighten them. The two (or three) bolts should be tightened in balance. Do NOT tighten one all the way and then tighten the other. Also, do not overtighten the bolts or you risk cracking the tank. The tank bolts should be tightened enough to pull the tank snugly to the bowl, but it should still be able to move somewhat.

Connect the water supply line to fill valve under the tank. Turn on the water. The tank should immediately begin to fill. Inspect the water supply connection for leaks. After the tank has filled, inspect the tank bolts and fill valve under the tank for leaks. Flush the toilet and inspect for leaks between the tank and the bowl.

Go back and adjust the water level in the tank. Raising or lowering the position of the float will adjust the point at which the water stops refilling. Adjust the water to a height below the top of the overflow tube. Over time you can experiment with the amount of water required for complete flushing. Gradually adjusting the water level downward will allow to use less water reducing expense and waste.

Once everything is working satisfactorily, it is time to install the seat.

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