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How To Install a Garbage Disposal

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Step 6: Mount the Disposal

Set the new disposal on the stack of newspapers and align the drain port with the drain line under the sink. Lift the disposer to the mounting assembly and add more papers if necessary. Turn the mounting collar so that it engages the upper mounting bracket. Make certain the collar is secure all the way around. Once you are sure it is properly mounted, tighten the collar securely.

Step 7: Make the Plumbing Connections

Align the drain line with the drain port on the disposal. Slip the fastener from the drain line to the connector on the disposal and hand tighten.

If you are connecting a dishwasher drain hose to the disposal, slip the a hose clamp over the hose and slide it down a couple inches. Slip the hose over the connecting barb on the disposal. Slip the hose clamp to within about 3/8" from the end of the house and tighten it securely.

The disposal should be secure and steady when you attempt to shake it. If so, then go ahead and finish tightening the drain line connection.

Step 8: Test and Check for Leaks

Plug in the disposal and restore power at the circuit breaker. Turn on the cold water in the sink and turn on the disposal. Check under the sink for any signs of leaking. Run the dishwasher and check again for leaks.

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