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October Maintenance Calendar


Autumn has arrived and the weather is starting to cool. Its time to get prepared for cool and wet weather. A home suffers more damage from inadequate maintenance during the wet season than any other time of year. Its important to prepare your home now, to prevent excessive wear & tear and damage.

Seasonal Tasks - Click below for more info
Clean out the rain gutters
Inspect exterior trim & siding for gaps
Seal wooden decks and structures
Replace furnace filter
Inspect fireplace flue
Treat lawn for crabgrass & weed control
Drain your boiler's expansion tank
Trim branches and bushes away from your roof and walls
Bleed your radiators
Enjoy a great Spring lawn by winterizing now
Regular Monthly Tasks
(carbon monoxide alarms too)

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Trimming Away Branches & Bushes

Shrubs and trees having been growing throughout the warm season and it may be time to do some trimming. There are several important reasons to do the trimming now.

First, branches and bushes that make contact with your home can cause damage. Branches driven by wind can damage shingles, gutters, windows, screens, siding and paint. Anything making contact with the structure can hold moisture there and accelerate deterioration of building materials.

Another important reason to trim back trees and shrubs is they provide a cover and access for rodents into your home. Along the house they provide safety & cover. Branches provide a path to your roof and a variety of ways into you attic and home.

Finally, keeping a garden and yard looking neat requires regular maintenance. Year after year of growth happens slowly and its easy to miss how overgrown a garden has become. Regularly trimming keeps plants looking good and helps to keep them healthy.

How To Clean Tough Stains & Grime

Take a look at our library of cleaning articles. With over 100 articles on how to deal with tough to clean stains, spills and grime, we probably have a solution for you.

This list is provided for your convenience, it is not a comprehensive list of every maintenance item your home may require.
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