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How to Install a Hard Disk Drive

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Installation steps:

  1. Unplug the PC and open the case.
  2. Touch your hand to the power supply and the metal frame of the case to equalize any static charge. A wrist strap provides this same safety step.
  3. If you are not replacing a drive, then skip to step #9.
  4. Locate the disk to be replaced.
  5. Disconnect the power connector.
  6. Disconnect the communications cable.
  7. Remove the mounting screws.
  8. Remove the old drive (in some situations, you must remove the front panel of the case to slide the drive out).
  9. On the new drive, set the jumpers to master or slave.
  10. Locate pin one on the drive so that you can properly match the communications cable.
  11. Slide the drive into the drive bay and fasten it with the provided screws. (Caution: using screws that are too large can destroy the drive.)
  12. Note that one edge of the communications cable is marked to signify pin one. This edge must match with pin one on the drive. Connect the communications cable to the drive.
  13. Connect the power connector to the drive.
  14. If this is an additional drive, and you are using an additional communications cable, connect the cable to the drive controller on the motherboard. Make sure that pin one of the cable matches pin one on the motherboard.
  15. Replace the case.

This completes the installation. Most new drives are preformatted and it is not necessary to run format. However, you will probably need to run FDISK to configure the disk for use with your system. Follow the instructions provided with the drive for configuration.

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