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Should you upgrade your PC?

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Considering Other Upgrades?

If you are considering other upgrades down the road, you may find that adding the cost of all of the upgrades exceeds the price of a new PC. Furthermore, despite those upgrades, you still have some older components that weren't upgraded. Those older components still may pose a drag on performance and present a greater risk for eventual replacement.

Buying a New PC

You may find that a new PC with all of its latest technology is far superior to trying to catch your PC up with the present. Remember that a new PC is typically going to include the latest operating system, a faster CPU, faster memory, and the motherboard will have a faster bus and drive controllers. Many systems include some free or deeply discounted software such as Microsoft Office. On top of all that, everything is brand new thus reducing the risk of a serious PC crash.

Should I Upgrade?

We aren't trying to talk you out of upgrading. We just want to make it clear that with an appliance that evolves as quickly as does a PC, upgrades are not always the best choice. So should you upgrade? Absolutely, as long as it makes economic sense. We know of too many people who went down to the local computer store to buy some memory and came back with $500 of upgrades. It is easy to do.

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