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How To Open The Cabinet

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Opening the Top

Washers whose tops can be opened from the outside will have two spring catches in the front holding the top closed. Use a putty knife (wrapped with masking tape to prevent scratching) to depress the spring catches. Slip the putty knife into the seam between the cabinet and the top. The catch is located, roughly, in line with the left and right edge of the lid, or about five inches in from each side. Depress the catch and lift the washer top, then depress the second catch. The top should lift up with little effort and hinge on the back of the washing machine. If there are no spring catches, then it must be removed from the inside, typically by removing a couple retaining screws.

Removing the Back Panel

The back panel is typically secured by six to ten screws along the rear perimeter edge of the washer. Remove the screws and the panel should lift up and off.

Removing the Front Panel

A clue that your washer's front panel can be removed is a seam running from top to bottom on the left and right sides of the washer about 3/4 of an inch back from the front of the washer (as seen in the photo below). The front panel may be secured at the bottom front or under the top.

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