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How To Test the Control Module

There are two types of ice makers, those in which all of the parts can be individually replaced and those in which some of the parts are clustered together into a control module. To determine which model you have remove the outer face plate. If there is knob, pull it off first, then pry off the face plate with a small screwdriver.

Caution: Please read our safety information before attempting any testing or repairs.

Before testing the control module, unplug therefrigerator to avoid an electrical shock hazard.

A modular unit will have several holes in the module, each marked with a letter (similar to the one pictured below). These holes are for test probes. If there are no holes then the ice maker is a component model and the components can be tested individually. For component models, refer to the individual component's in the diagnostic table.

In this section we will test the ejector motor and mold heater. The thermostat is a separate component and covered in another article.

Testing should be done with the power off, the shutoff arm in the down, "on" position and the ejector blades in the "start" position. The position of the blades will vary among ice makers, but the start position is always with the blades over (not in) the ice mold tray. If the ejector blades are in the mold, it will not be possible to properly test the control module. Furthermore, if the blades are in the mold area, then they did not complete their cycle, and may suggest a failure of the modular unit.

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