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Dryer Tips and Advice


  • In addition to the lint trap, clean out lint from under the dryer, the vent line and the airflow path inside the dryer. A lot of lint can build up in these places over time. Lint build up reduces dryer efficiency and is a fire hazard.

  • Use rigid steel or semi-flexible vent lines to reduce the risk of fire.

  • Gas dryers are currently cheaper to operate than electric dryers, but as natural gas prices rise, this may change.

  • Gas dryers MUST be properly vented to the outdoors because they produce dangerous amounts of carbon monoxide.


  • Don't dry clothing that is still stained, it will set the stain.

  • Don't use plastic or foil covered vent lines. They tend to collect lint which reduces dryer performance and is a fire hazard. Making the fire hazard more dangerous is the fact that the vent line itself is flammable.

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