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How to Inspect the Baffles

Inside the drum are one or more baffles protruding inwardly. As the drum turns the clothing inside tends to bunch up. When the clothing bunches up, they dry very slowly. To prevent bunching, baffles were added to the drum. The baffles reduce bunching and result in better airflow contact with each article of clothing thus reducing drying time.

Caution: Please read our safety information before attempting any testing, maintenance or repairs.

Before inspecting the baffles, unplug the clothes dryer or shut off the power at the fuse box or breaker panel to avoid an electrical shock hazard.

The baffles are often made from molded plastic, although metal is still used too. If the plastic developes cracks or gouges which can snag clothing, damage may result. Also, it is possible for small items, such as coins, to slip inside the baffles which results in a noisy racket during drying.

Visually inspect the baffles and then reach inside the dryer and feel for cracks or damage on each one. Turn the drum by hand and listen for debris tumbling inside the baffles.

If any of the baffles are damaged, they should be replaced. If you hear debris inside the baffles, remove and empty out the debris.

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